Getting Started


The HSEMA TRTT system is a secure web-based tool that gives users a new way to register for and manage training courses. The TRTT system has a powerful set of features that will provide both users and training coordinators the ability to manage the process in a much more efficient manner.

The TRTT system replaces the need for users to send separate emails to training coordinators. These messages are now automatically generated and managed through the system, making it a much more user friendly interface.

To enter the TRTT system , use your web browser and navigate to:  Although some limited functionality is available without logging in, you will need to create a "User Profile" to take full advantage of the system. Please select the User Profile button to create a new profile.

Note: You will need a user profile to use the complete system. View the User Profile help file for more detailed instructions.

The TRTT system allows District staffer’s, public and private institutions to register/cancel for training courses, submit their evaluation and generate training completion Certificates online.  It also allows the HSEMA staff to keep track of registrants, class sessions/capacity, and course availability as well as generate reports and certificates for Trainees.